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Our famous lambskin ballerinas.

REY FLATS soft x2

The extra thick insole and very soft touch.

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MINIMALIST SHOES : Be minimal, be classic and be comfort. Super Soft & Comfy

Audrey Ballerina Flats
2,590 THB

Katy Ballerina Flats
2,590 THB

Lady M Ballerina Flats
2,590 THB

Middleton Ballerina Flats
2,590 THB

Mary jane Ballerina
2,790 THB

Rey Ballerina Flats
2,890 THB

Fleur Ballerina Flats
2,790 THB

Sister M Ballerina Flats
2,790 THB

Middleton Crystal Ballerina Flats
2,790 THB

Stacy Ballerina Flats
2,490 1,590 THB

Veneta Ballerina Flats
2,490 THB

Jupiter Ballerina Flats
2,590 THB

Rita Ballerina Flats
2,490 1,490 THB

Rene Ballerina Flats
1,990 1,590 THB

Irin Sandals
2,490 999 THB

Sky High Heels
2,990 THB

Neptune Heeled Sandals
2,990 THB

Coco Heeled Sandals
2,990 THB

Monic Low Heels
2,990 THB

Silky Low Heels
2,790 THB

Venus Heels
2,790 THB

Kate Mid Heels
2,990 THB

Sofia Low Heels
2,790 THB

Eve Low Heels
2,690 THB

Rachael Mid Heels
2,790 THB

Sandra High Heel
2,990 THB

Pauline Mid Heels
2,790 1,990 THB

Mario Sneakers
3,290 THB

Romeo Chunky Heel Sneakers
3,290 THB

Taylor Espadrilles
3,090 THB

Regis Loafers
3,290 THB

Mars Loafers
3,290 THB

Foot care pad
40 THB

Forefoot insert pad
40 THB

50 THB

400 THB


Our signature of comfort that our fans are in love with.

Comfortable and fashionable experience you can find in MINIMALIST shoes.

Leather :

Soft lambskin : extremely soft, comfortable

Insole :

Arch support : Keep your feet in idea position. Relieve joint pressure, pain and discomfort. Be able to walk longer.

Outsole :

Rubber : Non-slippery and create flexibility in every steps.

Thick insole : Cushion feet and absorb shock.

MINIMALIST design and production process.

A pair of shoes need the combination between handmade and machine. Handmade is for something detailing and machine helps making things in standard.

Featured Products : Bags

MINIMALIST BAGS : Be minimal, be classic and be comfort.

Alice Wallet On Strap
1,990 1,590 THB

Alin Wallet On Strap
2,990 1,590 THB

Laptop Case
1,500 – 1,700 THB

Jezz Phone Pouch
2,190 THB

Trix bag
1,290 – 4,390 THB

Smith Bucket Bag
4,590 3,590 THB

TinTin laptop case
1,690 THB

Tropez knitted tote bag
1,990 THB

Adjustable Chain Strap
1,290 THB

Gold Chain
990 THB

Metal Chain Strap
990 THB

Pearl Bag Strap
590 THB

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