01. Motive & Passion

Nuttawan grew up in a family that has shoes as a main family business. Since she was young, she and her sister ran around in his father’s shoes factory everyday.

Once she graduated Master degree in Fashion Promotion from Istituto Maragoni in London, she came back and involved in his father business for 4 years. She has learnt a lot from him in terms of product, market and way of thinking in how to run the business.

While she was working in his father’s company, her mother had applied for her shoes pattern-making class with Singaporean professor that has much experience in designing and making shoes for all his life. Nuttawan asked her mother that “why do I have to learn pattern making in spite of that we already have pattern makers in our factory?” Mother said “will your staffs believe in your words if you yourself even don’t know how to make it?” Only one sentence from her mother make her open her mind to attend the class.

Once she had studied, she felt so in love with it. She studied hard and felt so much fun. Sometimes she studied till midnight. From that class, she has learnt a lot and found it very useful. She just knew that there were plenty that she thought she knew but in fact she didn’t. Shoes is something very detailing and has lot of reasons behind in each process of production. And the story of making her own brand of shoes has begun after that.

AuthorNuttawan – Owner & Designer

02. Design Philosophy

Making good shoes has a lot of trick and technique. Nowadays a pair of shoes need the combination of handmade and machine. Handmade is for something detailing and machine helps making things in standard. Material is one of key factors of making good shoes as well. She decided to apply only genuine leather for all her shoes : lambskin and cow leather. Pigskin is not used in Minimalist shoes at all so Islamic customers can feel comfortable to wear them.

Her first priority concern of making shoes is comfort. Making shoes is not only focusing on the appearance but also how comfortable they are. She needs her shoes to be everyday use shoes that can wear for all day long, not just a very beautiful shoes that can wear only a couple hours and wanna throw them away. This is why there will be an arch support and rubber sole in every pair of shoes to make sure that they will prevent pain that may occur during walking and they also provides balance as well.

During running her own brand. She had a chance to attend shoes workshop from Italian guru held by DITP twice. This strengthen her knowledge in shoes that helps her job directly. These certificates of footwear can prove how serious she is towards shoes.

Happy feet makes life happier!

03. Brand Be Born

Another reason behind of making her own brand is that her feet are quite small and it is hard to find the shoes that fit her feet perfectly. Wearing shoes that is too big can cause pain to her feet and it is so not comfortable. But she has to endure with it all her life. This makes her have more motivation to create her brand.

Before making a production of shoes, she has to wear every models herself to make sure that they are perfect in all aspects in terms of leather softness, comfort and appearance. Some models were developed for year before launching them to the market. The height of the heel is also important, it has to be fit with each last. Rubber outsole of every pairs of shoes has to have Minimalist logo engraved on it in order to make it more special. From the first sketch to the final touch. Every detail counts here at Minimalist.

AuthorI wears every shoe I sell – Nuttawan